Juicy Couture Come Back With Tracksuit

When Juicy Couture announced plans to close all of its U.S. stores, we feared we’d seen the last of its velour tracksuits, otherwise known as the famewhore uniform of the early 2000s. Following the closures, the track suit became a literal museum relic, but its velour fabric made a comeback on Vetements’ spring runway in the form of evening gowns. “I love the comfort of it and the trashiness of it,” Vetements lead designer Demna Gvasalia said of the fabric. 

Juicy Couture Poolside/S Sunglasses Fog

And Juicy must’ve been listening because the brand just released a video for its fall campaign, and its entire focus is the tracksuit. In honor of the matching set’s 21st birthday, Juicy gathered 21 “It” girls to talk about their first tracksuit, including Atlanta de Cadenet, Ruby Aldridge, and Cipriana Quann. And of course, they’re all wearing jackets with a familiar J-shaped zipper.

Whether you've been holding out for this day or if you've simply kept a velour set in the back of your closet for nostalgia's sake, get ready for sartorial vindication. In honor of the Juicy Couture tracksuit's 21st birthday (legal, baby!), the brand is betting all its chips on its cult item's big comeback. 

In 2016 alone, the tracksuit has gotten a Bloomingdales capsule and the Vetements treatment; the latter is a sure-fire way to be relevant (again) in the fashion industry these days. Now, Juicy Couture recruited a who's-who crowd to fête its big anniversary campaign. Whereas Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were adept spokespeople in the aughts, the tracksuit now counts Ruby Aldridge, Cipriana Quann, Atlanta de Cadenet, as well as other cool women from around the globe — 21 in total, fittingly — as brand ambassadors.

The campaign is called #TRACKISBACK (an all-caps hashtag befitting the times). Technically, though, the tracksuit has never really left: It's been living out its trend afterlife on the racks at Kohl's. But the company has had some rocky times since the OG matching set's heyday, including having its co-founders decamp and having to shut down its retail presence as the tracksuit moved from must-have item to kitschy novelty territory. It's always been endearing to some extent, though; endearing enough to, say, warrant a museum exhibit.

Juicy Couture is now banking on the tracksuit's high-fashion turn; part of its appeal lies in the inherent versatility (and, lazy-girl mentality) of a head-to-toe look. For the campaign, the brand had its 21 ambassadors describe their personal style in one word (well, more like three), all while wearing the velour suits. The results were pretty varied. Among their answers were, "edgy," "'70s chic," "multiple personalities," "masculine," and "comfy." The takeaway is clear: There isn't a singular type of person who wears a tracksuit — so embrace the look however you choose. 

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