Carrera Glasses

In 1964 WilhhelmAnger invented the Optyl material and registered a patent. This is a thermosetting resin, which is 20% lighter than ordinary sheet. She not only can reduce skin allergies, its memory characteristics can improve comfort, maintain a permanent elasticity and stability.

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In 1977, Carrera established its headquarters in Traun, Austria. He released the new sports glasses, won the favor of the world.


In the 80s, Carrera sponsored a series of sporting events, such as the America's Cup, the Winter Olympic Games and the F1 competition. Since then, Carrera are closely linked together with innovative technology, international sports events.


1986 Championship series came out, one stroke success.


In 1996 the world's high-end glasses giants SAFILO Group through a series of operations in international competition, acquisition of the Carrera Optyl Group successful . This gives Carrera fresh energy, prompting him to create more technology and design perfect fusion of glasses, goggles and helmets.


Carrera re-launcheda new Championship series in 2007, this iconic models be Re-interpretation every season. Retro lines have become an indispensable part of the brand gene.


In recent years the champion has always been the best-selling style. 2010 can be described as “champion year”, Lady Gaga music video perfect implantation of the champion glasses which push the brand and this style to a new height.


After half a century of efforts, Carrera has become the industry leader. Believe that like bicycles, motorcycles, skiing and other sports friends certainly can often see Carrera LOGO appear in the clothing of the players on the advertising space.


Today, Carrera glasses represent the quality, innovation and exquisite design, and it has gradually become the darling of many Hollywood stars.


"Desperate Housewives" in the actor Jesse Metcalf, Hip-hop star T.I. and Kanye West are wearing Carrera glasses.


It is said that Kanye West in order to get a favorite new Carrera glasses before the sale of  in the United States he spent 15,000 US dollars specifically requested from Italy to the United States. "Kanye West loves Carrera's sunglasses," says one Kanye West friend. "Kanye West loves Carrera's sunglasses. He thinks it's trendy and makes him look gentle. He's paying 15,000, and he's not even bargain" 

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